Cathedral Street
Corn Exchange
Manchester M4 3TR
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1837 Bar...

In the 1837 bar, you can see over 60 different gins on the bar along with 14 of our own cold compound gins which are infused on site’

The History

The Corn Exchange stands on the site of an earlier structure originally built in 1837 at Hanging Ditch and was designed by one of Manchester’s leading architects, Richard Lane.

'The Corn & Produce Exchange' replaced the original building in the early 1900’s to meet the growing demands of thousands of farmers and merchants to who traded cereal grains in the region. It was the venue for meetings of the Anti-Corn Law League, a group of Manchester workers opposed to the Corn Laws who campaigned to reduce taxes on imported grain in order make food more affordable for working people You can see an article titled “The Corn Laws” framed and on the wall of 1837.

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