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Gin was once known as "mothers ruin" and the "scourge of society" however these days gin is undergoing a ginaissance. Alston Bar & Beef has over 60 gins on the bar including fourteen of our very own cold compound gin infusions produced onsite

Cold Compound Gin Infusions

We have given our expert bartenders the freedom to create Small Batch Artisan Gin Infusions that sit side by side with the most popular brands on our bar. Using seasonal products each infusion fits into one of our six flavour profiles: Citrus, Spicy & Peppery, Floral, Herbaceous, Fruity and the Sloe & Liqueur. Each cold compound infuses over its own unique time period so please check our daily menu for the latest creation & availability.

Our Signature “Tweed Valley” infusion uses ingredients such as Turkey Tail Mushroom, Dandelion & Burdock Root & Water Mint, which are all found in the Tweed Valley, the home of our Butcher. We selected these ingredients during a foraging trip to the Upper Nesbit Farm to create an earthy, herbaceous gin that we recommend is best served with Bon Accord Tonic, mint & apple garnish.

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