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World Gin Day ...

For those who haven’t noticed, we take our gin very seriously here at Alston Bar & Beef, and it’s not just because we serve it. Our staff is also incredibly passionate about it, so who better than them to give you some inspiration to celebrate these fantastic times.

In case you need some ideas, apart from the traditional tonic (with lots of ice to suit this summery weather we’ve been blessed with lately!), Dandy would recommend you to have your gin with lemonade, and Lindsey would say that adding cucumber makes it fab.

As for our staff’s ideal gin, they go from a floral or a citrusy gin, very appropriate for this time of the year, to a spicy and peppery spirit. So, just like the theory that links dog’s looks and personalities to their owners’, we may start to think that your ideal gin could match your character. Maybe next time you are looking for inspiration for your next order at the bar, take a look inside ;)

Now, if you’re after more precise instructions, we’ve also asked them for some Alston compound gin recommendations that might help you decide: for those looking for something unique, yet not too out-of-the-box, you’ll want to go with the cardamom and fennel gin, or the raspberry one. If you’re in the search of something that pushes the limits even further, we have done an espresso gin, and a chilli and ginger one too, so keep an eye out for those if you want to stimulate your senses. And if you want the most unique spirit in town, then you, my friend, are after our bacon gin. We can’t make any promises as for when these will make a comeback, so you’ll have to keep visiting us to catch them all!

If there’s one thing everyone around seems to agree with is that gin goes great with everything (especially with more gin, if you ask Lauren or Dylan!) but here at Alston we recommend you to have it with a friend, because good times are better when you share them ;)

Regardless of your preferences, we hope you, like all of us, celebrate World Gin Day and if you’re looking for a drink and a nice time, you already know where to find us.

So, enough reading, let’s start drinking!

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