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The 5 Gin Flavours You Didn’t Know You Needed & How To Drink Them!

8th January 2019

The 5 Gin Flavours You Didn’t Know You Needed – & How To Drink Them!

During the prohibition era, the term ‘bathtub gin’ was coined when bootleggers began using their bathtubs to infuse the spirit with various fruits and botanicals. Though we’ve left the bathtubs out of the process, at Alston Bar & Beef we’ve granted our expert bartenders the freedom to create Small Batch Artisan Gin Infusions that sit side by side with the most popular brands on our bar. Using seasonal products, each infusion fits into one of our six flavour profiles: Citrus, Spicy & Peppery, Floral, Herbaceous, Fruity and the Sloe & Liqueur.

Each cold compound infuses over its own unique time period so please check our daily menu for the latest creation & availability.

Below are our 5 favourite Gin Flavours of the moment, paired with our bartender’s recommendations on how to serve. Though all are best enjoyed in our prohibition themed 1837 bar!

Dandelion & Burdock Root

This earthy classic features botanicals foraged by our very own staff! To emphasise the natural undertones of the gin, we suggest pairing with Double Dutch Indian tonic. Alternatively, for an added sweetness, we suggested pairing with lemonade.


Our customer’s favourite of our cold compound gins is our classic Raspberry. Infused with fresh fruit, our Raspberry gin is best served with anything – but we’d suggest a Fentamen’s Rose lemonade.

Strawberry & Melon Liqueur

In preparation for warmer weather, this summery concoction is one of our sweetest and fruitiest homemade gins. We suggest pairing with our house Bon Accord, a light Scottish tonic. For those wanting to keep things sweet, we suggest partnering with lemonade for the perfect summer tipple.

Orange & Vanilla

Infused with fresh orange peel and organic vanilla bean
paste, our Orange & Vanilla gin is best served with Bon Accord to emphasise
the existing flavours, or with Fever Tree Mediterranean for extra zest.


Our Juniper cold compound serves as our Alston house gin of choice. Though its herbal flavour is the perfect foundation for any tonic combo, our bartenders recommend Fever Tree Elderflower.

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